A Heart for Street Evangelism

The visible growing population of homelessness has become too astonishing to ignore. Being raised in Los Angeles, primarily the San Fernando Valley, I can literally see the drastic changes, especially when tents like those on Skid Row are making their way up the Cahuenga Pass and encampments being built in the industrial areas or along the wash. And the numbers are definitely back on the rise: https://www.lahsa.org/homeless-count/results

My heart grieves for so many whom are without direction, lost, hurting, broken... at complete disposal to dark forces that snare- depression, addiction, schizophrenia... and all the other evils that inhabit the homes (minds and bodies) of the empty and rejected. I prayed for a way to aid in interceding for these souls in bondage. A way to step up the game and do more for the LORD. And HE answered.

My current project is creating Gospel tracs. I have been focused on printing Gospel tracs, more personal ones, than the ones that are glossy and commercialized. This seed for this was planted in me a while ago, when on a bus ride, I had overheard a woman who was visibly involved in prostitution and riding the bus in Hollywood early one morning, pouring her heart out over the phone to her AA sponsor. My heart cried for her because  I recall those days, making excuses for my own behavior, but expressing the not understanding why I do it, yet knowing I must keep trying and doing better. All I wanted was to let her know, I've been there, the LORD delivered, JESUS is alive, and don't give up. So- rather than interrupt her phone call, I quickly jotted down a note with pen and paper and passed it over to her before she got off the bus. When I looked out the window, the look of hope on her face standing on that sidewalk as we drove away brought me to tears. I prayed she received just what she needed to get her through that day. A year later, I did see that woman again, with a man who appeared her pimp, and I was able to share with them both, that HE is alive, and wanted them to know HE loves them both... and that was an encounter blessed me more than they, I truly felt. 

The past few weeks I have been praying for the proper scripture, the right message, that caters especially to those on the very edge of hopelessness. It's been difficult to give hope without direction, so this week, I will be gathering the information to add resources to local churches that have outreach ministries for them to turn to. My list is being formed, and soon these will be ready. 

I thank those whom have made purchases from the store to assist in the cause. My brothers and sisters in the LORD continue to bless me with support. Please keep this in prayer that I always allow the LORD to lead and HIS will always be the priority. Blessings in the  LORD JESUS CHRIST...

Sister Sharon Hope

(Photo credit from Art with A Mission, Skid Row. I call it homeless art from the heart.)