The Shoes That Social Media Helped Donate

A couple weeks ago, on my FB page, I posted about one of my encounters with the homeless, and this particular instance was about a homeless man named Miles who was barefoot, suffering with blisters from walking barefoot in the heat and needed size 12 shoes.

The link to the post is here:

From that post and re-shares, and by the power of the Holy Spirit inspiring the heart of brother Sean Ramsey, the news landed upon the mind of guy by the name of Jensen Tripp who went out of his way to donate a brand new pair of shoes for Miles. I have the shoes, but am still looking for Miles. I did notify the local LAPD to keep an eye out for him too. Hopefully I get him these shoes, because they are pretty cool and specifically for him!

Bravo for proper use of social media and a kind heart that went out of his way for this man. What a blessed inspiration!