When We Give, We Receive

I love the sentimentality of my encounters with people, that the LORD blesses me with.
So I'm carrying this box home from work. Had some inventory delivered to the office. So I'm toting a box home on my shoulder, walking... a tad disappointed in lack of help, but praying to not feel sorry for myself. And along the way, I see this pan handler sitting on the corner as he always does, and I actually have never spoken to him before. Every single time I have seen him though, I have asked the Lord, what can I do for him for money is not an option with this one, for he will get high- and I won't give money any longer if it contributes to a possibility of one hit that can lead to death under any circumstances.
Today I happened to place another pair of high quality jeans for men, that was donated- size 36- in my backpack. Second time in a week (last week I did the same and never wrote about the fella on the bus whom I gave that pair to- AWESOME encounter yet to be written btw) and each time I prayed for someone who needed them for it is getting colder and those on the street need warmth.
Anyhow- I looked, and his pants were falling apart. So I asked him- what size pants do you wear? Lo and behold- "size 36, I think" he says. The joy of putting down that box (and letting go of my self-pity) and digging out a pair of comfy, perfectly worn yet still in awesome shape... Levis and the look on his face of gratitude- oh man- the Lord wasn't kidding- it is truly better to give than to receive.
Acts 20:35 all things I did shew you, that, thus labouring, it behoveth us to partake with the ailing, to be mindful also of the words of the Lord Jesus, that he himself said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.'