Our Brethren on Bourbon Street

On April 9, 2015, I had another dream of sitting with an invisible Teacher, being shown a map of the world. I was silently learning and nodding, knowing I was exchanging some kind of understanding, when I was led to look at my phone at my side... and flashing on my phone was "REPENT, REPENT, REPENT" as a digital time clock was winding down.

I asked the Spirit... or maybe an angel, "Where am I?" and the view zeroed in on Los Angeles, where I reside.... and right before I woke, the words, "BIBLE, BIBLE, BIBLE, CONCORDANCE" were flashing before my mind.

This was a time of many dreams for me, but by far this was the one of the most significant. In this dream I feel I was given a clear assignment, to help sound the alarm. ‪#‎REPENT‬

So awesome to see NO VEIL shirts in New Orleans tonight. Thank you to my brothers Kyle Hutchinson and Thompson Jamal for your service to the Gospel and allowing me to be supportive.  I thank the LORD for allowing me the means to make it possible. 

These brothers are part of the Raven Ministries in New Orleans. More information on them to come. I am looking to participate in their evangelism experience myself next year during Mardi Gras.