The LORD's Lighthouse Ministry at FPCH

The Lord's Lighthouse is a blessed oasis in the heart of Hollywood, a town that is a sentimental part of my childhood memories, as well as my own Boulevard of Once Broken Dreams. 

I thank the LORD for leading me to this place. First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood is the home of this blessed ministry and outside of the streets, this has become my favorite place to serve. From the first time I encountered this place, I adored everything about this outreach mission. This quaint, yet beautiful, old church that opens doors to feed so many and holds a winter refuge shelter for the homeless, could only be an echo of what the LORD has placed in my own heart. 

At 12:00 P.M. Sunday afternoon after church service (every Sunday except the first Sunday of every month), there is a Bible Study open to those who wish to participate and a 1:00 P.M. seated serving of a hot meal (initiated with a short homily and prayer to encourage unto the LORD and give thanks) to what is estimated to be approximately 200 of the local homeless. Once the doors open, all who show up are fed, and from what I have witnessed, not just their stomach's~but also in heart. It is a blessing to have this sacred ministry to direct those I come across in passing during my own encounters in street ministry and to have met the trusted servants who run this place in their apparent gentleness and heart for those they serve. 

Also, every Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m., guests at the Lord's Lighthouse are able to come in and find resources for local housing, and physical and mental health services too. There is an abundance of resources and information at this place, alongside with all the loving patience of brothers and sisters in Christ who are grateful and willing to lend others a helping hand. 

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