The Kingdom of Heaven is Like a Treasure Hidden in A Field...

Tonight during evangelism in North Hollywood, we came across a hostile woman who was drunk and apparently on some kind of substance (likely methamphetamine). Her jumpy "spirit" was making me feel uneasy but the moment I asked her to please calm down, she got pissed and stormed away cursing at me and threatening to "sock me". I was desperate to get through to her so I got on the Aker and started preaching so there was no way to turn her ears away from the message of the Gospel and the pleas to seek the LORD JESUS. It was one of those moments where again, I understand well, the bondage, the grief, the pain, the emptiness and I don't know what else I can do except cry out a desperate plea to urge her to run to the LORD JESUS. 
It's been over a year since I started evangelizing, and I am out in the streets every day because I take public transportation. Sometimes I feel like my life has just gone completely crazy because I feel like I'm endlessly confronted by demons and having random conversations with some extremely unstable people. There's always that compelling desire to shine a glimmer of hope in the most unlikely of places. But every now and then, I honestly tell myself, "what are you doing? this is completely crazy", but after the gems I have already dug up on this journey since my salvation, there is nothing else I can see worth spending my GOD-given time doing for JESUS than digging for gold out here in these fields of insanity. 
Tonight, I think I understand more clearly what JESUS was saying in HIS Matthew 13 parables. 
May we be found faithfully digging for pearls and dragging in nets, catching fish and inviting guests to the Wedding.